Tales of Demons and Gods Manga Review

For a quick review of the Tales of Demons And Gods manga, I’ll give you a quick rundown of Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World, the Love Triangle between Nie Li and Xiao Ning’er, and a few comparisons with other anime series, such as Transcending the Nine Heavens. The premise of Tales of Demons And Gods manga is that we are introduced to a new world and the world’s inhabitants are faced with challenges and obstacles.

Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World

Tales of Demons and Gods Manga Review

The first volume of Tales of Demons and Gods Manhua was released under the title Yao Shen Ji in China in 2015. The series has 10 volumes and more than 300 chapters. Its plot is similar to other Tales of series, but it contains too much magic and fantasy settings. I’m surprised that the manga is not more popular.

The story follows the adventures of the main character, Nie Li, a thirteen-year-old boy with the goal of destroying the Sacred family that has betrayed his city. He has to gather hundreds of years of knowledge and become stronger in this life in order to achieve his goal. His appearance is typical for a thirteen-year-old boy with orange hair and blue eyes.

Love triangle between Nie Li, Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er

The three main characters of the Tales Of Demons and Gods manga are set in different times. In his previous life, he met several women, but only loved one – YE ZIYUN. This is despite the fact that he had forgotten about XIAO NING’ER, his previous life’s wife. Xiao Ning’er never told him her true identity, but she did help him out when he was in need. Then, after he reached the dragon realm, he wanted to repay her for helping him.

While Xiao Ning’er’s family has a secret plan to take down the Sacred Family, the Sage Emperor is unaware of this. He enlists his servants to carry out his evil schemes. Nie Li has the power to summon demon beasts to fight his enemies. His grand scheme involves humiliating and defaming the Sacred Family.

Similarities to Binbougami ga!

Like Tales of Demons and Gods, Binbougami ga! centers around the conflict between misfortune and fortune. It features two main protagonists – Ichiko Sakura, who is blessed with wealth, health, and talent, and Binboda Momija, the Goddess of Poverty, who seeks to restore the balance in the world. Despite the similarities, the stories are very different in tone.

Comparisons to Transcending the Nine Heavens

Tales of Demons and Gods Manga Review

One of the greatest things about Transcending the Nine Heavens is its sweeping tale of a young martial arts prodigy who is reincarnated in a new body. It follows the adventures of Chu Yang, a young man who trained in martial arts all his life. One day, he died and woke up in a new body with a new power. Although he’s now old enough to be his own father, he is still determined to change his fate.

Rebirth of Douluo Dalu

Rebirth of Douluo Dalu is a story centered on the protagonist Tang San, who commits an unforgivable crime in his previous life: he threw himself from Hell’s Peak and was reborn in the mystical soul land of Douluo. This manga follows the journey of Tang San as he struggles to find redemption after his former life.

This manga is completely different from the first book, as its main character is a young boy who is mocked by everyone. However, he resolves to become a spirit master despite his inadequacy. He tries to train hard and becomes better than everyone else to reach his goal. Though he is a young boy, he has to face a lot of difficulties and challenges along the way, which makes him a unique hero.

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