Eight Manga Similar to The Beginning After The End

Eight Manga Similar to The Beginning After The End – You’ve probably seen The Beginning After The End manga, or maybe even read it yourself. Either way, this manhwa is wildly overpowered. Here are eight manga similar to The Beginning After the End. In the world of The Beginning After the End, each major continent is guarded by four elemental witches. The Winfred Academy of Magic is seeking a new Witch of the Wind to serve as the protector of the continent.

The Beginning After The End Characters

The beginning of The Beginning After The End Manga is a mystery that will keep readers turning the page to find out who’s next. The story starts with the death of the king of the Leywin Family, Arthur Leywin. A series of events unfolds throughout the manga, including Arthur gaining a new identity and resuming his life. In this webcomic, Arthur is determined to live his life to the fullest.

In the manga, Arthur develops his mana core before his third birthday. When he becomes conscious, he meets a creature with extraordinary powers – a dragon. This animal is a rare type, and was believed to be extinct. Arthur becomes aware of his new destiny, and he sets out to lead a meaningful life. This is not easy, as the world he’s left behind is overrun by demons.


Eight Manga Similar to The Beginning After The End

The Beginning After The End Manga is an exciting webcomic and manga that follows the adventures of an average man named Arthur Leywin. Arthur tries to live a more fulfilling life, but runs into obstacles along the way. This manga’s story is rich and complex, with more than a hundred chapters. The beginning of the webcomic was published on January 18, 2017, but the web novel is still ongoing. It features detailed character designs and intricate fights.

In “The Beginning After The End Manga“, the main character is Arthur Leywin, the son of a king named Grey. He is poisoned at a young age, but reincarnates as a mage. Because of his experience as a warrior, Arthur has a unique set of skills. He is a part of the Leywin Family, and he wants to live life to the fullest.


Yen Press, LLC has released an ongoing webcomic based on a popular Tapas novel, “The Beginning After the End.” Written by TurtleMe, with art by Fuyuki23, the comic is one of the most popular series on Tapas. It has garnered over thirteen million webcomic views and fourteen million novel views, making it the second most popular series on the webcomic site.

The webcomic follows Arthur’s journey of discovering his powers as a young king. As he grows older, he encounters stronger opponents, but maintains a positive outlook and relationships throughout. “The Beginning After the End” is reminiscent of the classic manga series “Mushoku Tensei” but is made with a more PG rating. It is not only a good read, but also makes for a great night’s sleep.


The End of the World,

The Beginning After The End is a series of books by the Japanese manga author Haruki Murakami. Written in the form of manga, this story follows the journey of the main character, Arthur, as he searches for his long-lost brother. Originally titled “The End of the World,” the series has now reached 8 volumes. The first book was published in 2016, while the last will be released in 2021.

The series is a fantasy web novel by TurtleMe, a former Berkeley graduate who discarded his corporate identity and began writing as a web serial. His book has now been released in both manga and book form. It is an epic fantasy about a reborn king, magic, and twisted fate. It is a fantasy tale that has already attracted millions of readers and fans worldwide. In fact, this fantasy story has become one of the most popular manga books of all time.

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