Psychic Princess Manga – Four Reasons Why Yu Alexius is Just As Lovable As Qian Yun Xi

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Tong Ling Fei

Tong Ling Fei in Psychatic Princess Manga is a Chinese animated romance manga based on a manhua series. The main character, Qian Yun Xi, is the eldest daughter of a Prime Minister. She has psychic powers, which are thought to be bad luck by her family. When she was eight, she was sent away to Mt. Ling Yun to learn how to control her powers.

This manga series has been a huge hit in China, and the 2nd season of the anime could be one of the biggest releases of 2020. Fans of the manga should check it out to see if it lives up to expectations. Although the story is wildly entertaining, it occasionally rises above its cliched tone, which gives the series a sense of domestic drama. As such, it’s worth watching for its charming characters and intriguing story.

Qian Yunxi

Psychic Princess Manga

Qian Yunxi, the eldest daughter of the Grand Councilor, has been plagued with supernatural powers since childhood. The prince she was destined to marry is cold and aloof, and her father tries to keep her hidden. When the prince returns from a hunting trip, he discovers she is a psychic princess, and sends her to the Spirit-Cloud Mountain to learn how to control her powers. This mysterious girl becomes a major threat to the royal family, as she often stirs up trouble.

While the storyline may seem a little shaky at first, the manga offers plenty of material for study. The manga can be found on various online streaming websites and in various fansubbing groups. A second season is planned for 2020. The series stars Huang Ri Ying as Qian Yunxi and Kevin Chen as Prince Ye Youming. Episodes are only a few minutes long, so viewers can finish the entire series in under an hour.

Yu Alexius

Psychic Princess Manga

The second season of the Psychic Princess manga may be one of the most anticipated Chinese anime releases in 2020. With a plot that evokes the domestic drama, the characters in the manga have plenty to keep fans interested. But what makes Yu Alexius unique? Here are four reasons why. And most importantly, she’s just as lovable as her fictitious alter ego, Yu Alexius.

The Psychic Princess manga is based on the Chinese manhua, and it was released in 2016. The show is listed under the genres of mystery, action, comedy, and historical, and features a romantic relationship between the two main characters. It’s also a good choice for manga fans if you’re looking for a new series to binge watch. Psychic Princess is available on various online streaming services, including Hulu, Funimation, and Crunchyroll.

Sesame Seed

The character of “Sesame Seed” is dubious at best. First appearing as a ghost, he later becomes the friend of the mysterious Yun Xi. Though Sesame Seed is a mysterious character, the plot of the manga reveals that it is in fact a companion. The Psychic Princess manga series follows two different girls – Qian Yun Xi and Sesame Seed.

The Sesame Seed appeared in the first season of Psychic Princess. It was one of the companions of spirits that hurt Qian Yun Xi’s maids. The Taoist master nearly destroyed Sesame Seed before the Princess finished her spells. In addition, a mysterious hooded figure was shown learning to use the thumb ring. This hooded figure may be the main antagonist.

As the first season was successful, fans were anxious for a season two of the anime. Many fans have been speculating about when the second season of Psychic Princess will come out. Although fans are not satisfied with the first season, they’re still eagerly awaiting season 2.

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