Under The Green Light Jin

If you love anime and manga, you probably know about the ongoing series Under The Green Light Jin. It is written and illustrated by Jaxx and released in the year 2021. The series has been published by DNC Webtoon, Ridibooks, and Tapas. Here is a quick review of the story and how you can get your hands on it. Then, you can decide if the series is for you!

Sculpture theory test

Under the green light” could mean Matthew’s eyes, or it could mean “Exit” as the studio entry. Either way, the entrance to Matthew’s world is a no-fly zone. The psychopath keeps the dead all around him as sculptures. To learn more about the basic emotions of humans, Jin must take Matthew to his studio. In order to do this, Jin must first teach him what a sculpture is.

Under The Green Light Jin – Sculpture theory

When Matthew attends the lecture on Sculpture Theory, he discovers that Jin has bribed both the Director and HR department of the Museum. He believes Jin has gotten this opportunity because he bribed the Director and the HR department. However, the students are unaware of this arrangement. In fact, they don’t know that Jin has bribed them. Matthew is not aware of this, so he feels uneasy about approaching the advisor.

Under The Green Light Jin
Under The Green Light Jin

In his own words, “under the green light” means “under the eye.” But in Matthew’s case, it means “outside the studio.” This would mean that there is no way out of Matthew’s world, which he has been living for years. Besides, Jin is a psychopath, so he will likely keep his dead relatives around him as sculptures. Ultimately, Jin will teach him about basic human emotions.

Jin’s bodyguard Yoon-bal is there to help him, since he’s busy. The man has a dragon tattoo on his head. He decides to get an Americano to go while Jin is still inside the museum. Using an umbrella, he informs Jin that he’s almost late for his meeting with Director Oh. He apologizes for accepting the call from the Director and tells him he’ll wait outside the car while the Director attends to the museum.


In “Under the Green Light,” Matthew, a young sculptor, meets a man named Jin. The man is a perfect model for Matthew’s new sculpture, but he’s also a high-ranking violent criminal with unfulfilled appetites and ambitions. Matthew is determined to get Jin to model for him, but he’ll have to pay him with his body, or something far worse.

Matthew, who works at the Sunset Pictures Cafe, recognizes Jin from the street. After hearing about Matthew’s interest in sculpture, he asks the manager to leave early. Later, he realizes that he was supposed to be working until closing time tomorrow. But he’ll have to work later because his boss has a more important meeting. Matthew’s attraction to the Jin sculpture is so strong that he’ll have to work late for another reason.

Matthew learned to live on his own by rejecting the help of his adoptive parents. He knew that anything that could bring Jin happiness would only deceive him. He’d gotten so used to the false promises of the adoptive parents, and his doubts about Jin’s affection are real. Until he meets Jin, he’s discouraged. He begins to doubt his ability to be with Jin, and the man’s reassurance and love inspire him to take risks in life.

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